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Biblical Hebrew Instruction

One of our ministries for the building up of the Church is teaching Biblical Hebrew for free to Christians. Sawyer Moranville, the founder of Lingua Deo Gloria, will teach these courses once-a-week, for 12 weeks (1.5 hour class time). We will use Aleph with Beth Youtube materials and other resources on their website. This will be the foundation of the students weekly homework. These classes will be conducted in a live, online setting and be done primarily in Biblical Hebrew (that means we will speak, listen to, read, and write in Hebrew). To learn more about our teaching methodology, visit our About page. Koine Greek instruction, Lord willing, will arrive later in 2024.​

Questions and Answers

Who are these courses intended for?

We aim primarily at teaching pastors, missionaries, and Bible translators. However, all Christians who are willing to put in hard work to learn the language are encouraged to apply.

How can I sign up?

Fill out the application below.

Will everyone be accepted?

Sadly, no. Class sizes are limited to 8 and our teacher has to support his family by other work and cannot teach an endless amount of courses.

How many hours a week should I expect to devote to homework?
Students who apply and are accepted should expect to devote 4-6 hours a week studying on their own.

How much Hebrew experience do I need in order to apply?

We would like the students to have watched the first 10 videos of Aleph with Beth before the first class. Other than that, even absolute beginners are welcome to apply.

I have already taken one or more semesters of Hebrew in seminary. Can I still apply?

Absolutely! Any student, regardless of previous experience, can apply.  I encourage students with prior Hebrew studies, but  who have never learned to speak the language, to begin afresh. Listening and speaking work different parts of the brain that are not normally used when reading and translating alone.

When will first class start?

January 2024!

If the form is not working, click here to go to the Google Form. 

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